Medical Reiki

Reiki during a medical procedure or surgery is an integrative medicine tool that every patient deserves!

Undergoing surgery or a medical procedure and looking for complementary drug-free support? This article titled, Reiki Helps Patients Undergoing Knee Surgery in Massage Magazine, 1 Aug 2017, described a study which demonstrated that patients who received Reiki sessions experienced benefits ranging from less pain and lower blood pressure to reduced use of pain medication and a shorter hospital stay.

On medical procedure or surgery day, it is soothing and reassuring to have the constant support of a Certified Medical Reiki Master in the preparation area, the operating room and the recovery room, inducing calm while supplying healing energy to you throughout the procedure. Reiki supports clients of all ages undergoing a variety of medical treatments to include surgery, chemotherapy, pregnancy, childbirth, and other serious medical procedures.

Reiki is being administered with positive results in Hospitals, Cancer Centers, VA Centers, and Hospice across the United States, Canada and the UK. Highly effective as a natural stress reduction treatment, Reiki calms the mind and emotions, releases tension and eases pain while supporting and accelerating the healing process. It helps with fatigue, nausea, and can diminish the side effects of chemotherapy and medications. Reiki provided in the operating room, has been found to stabilize a patient’s blood pressure, minimize bleeding, and limit the need for pain medications following surgery.

Judy, as a Certified Medical Reiki Master, is passionate about sharing Reiki as a holistic, deeply relaxing, non-invasive complementary therapy with patients and their caregivers during what can be a very difficult and challenging time.

She is available to support clients of all ages undergoing a variety of medical procedures. On the day of surgery or medical procedure she will arrive when you arrive and remain with you throughout the entire procedure and into recovery. As Judy’s client, she will be focused solely on you and providing Reiki through the entire procedure. Your doctor/surgeon must give permission for Judy to be present throughout the procedure so coordination to obtain his/her consent in advance is required.

If you or a loved one would like Reiki support for a surgery or a medical procedure please contact Judy or email so we can discuss your options.

“What an incredible experience! ​ Reiki made me very calm pre-op and post-op and I snapped out of the anesthesia “fog” so quickly. I haven’t had to take as many pain meds post-op, even days later!” ​- L.E.

Judy, I really cannot thank you enough for the support surrounding my knee surgery. It was invaluable! My strongest memory of the surgery itself will always be hearing the nurse say, “She has her Reiki practitioner with her,” as I was waking up from surgery. – M. M.

Judy is grateful to have been trained by and belongs to the Raven Keys Medical Reiki International organization.