Break-up with your Make-up…remover

Recently I had to rush home due to a family emergency.  Understandably, I packed in quite a haste and managed to forget a few things.  Most of the forgotten items were not necessary, but what I missed the most was my make-up remover.  There’s nothing worse then stepping out of the shower and looking like a scary clown, scrubbing your face til it’s raw.

Take it off 87/365
Tha Goodiez / / CC BY-NC-ND

So, with my MacGyver like brain (ok, this is probably not MacGyver worthy but I’ve done enough MacGyver-like things and I would like to keep this nickname alive), I remembered reading an article about using coconut oil as make-up remover.  Again, being at my parents house, they have no coconut oil so I had to improvise.  In my mind, olive oil was the closest thing and guess what?  It worked like a charm!  Just a drop or two on a cotton pad and voila!  Makeup has been moved eradicated.

I’m quite excited that I found this great substitute because now I can save money on make-up remover and feel confident that I’m not adding an extra chemical to my skin.  And trust me, when it comes to using olive oil as a makeup remover, a little bit goes a long way.  I learned this the hard (and oily) way this morning… 😉

What things lying around your house have you found serves another purpose?

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