About Judy


Judy Buchanan

Each meal I ate was like spinning the roulette wheel, not knowing what it would land on. Would this meal’s spin result in bloating, heartburn or severe abdominal pain? The kind of bloating that makes your pants refuse to fit. The kind of heartburn that feels like your chest has a heavy ball of fire lodged in the center. The kind of pain that feels like your twisted intestines are being repeatedly stabbed by a sharp knife. Or would it leave me relatively unharmed?

As though dealing with the unpredictability of my gut wasn’t enough, my periods were equally burdensome. In my twenties, after numerous colposcopies (a painful procedure where a part of your cervix is removed for laboratory testing) I underwent cervical laser surgery to remove abnormal cells. I suffered from irregular, painful and extremely heavy periods. They were so heavy that I often became anemic, which caused fatigue, heart palpitations, and dizziness. The fatigue was so severe that even walking up a flight of stairs was exhausting and left me breathless. So in my late thirties, I had surgery to remove the fibroids that had taken up residence in my uterus.

While I knew I was ill, I continued to live a fast-paced life, fulling my responsibilities as a wife, the mother of two children and an active duty U.S. Army Medical Service Corps officer. As you can imagine, dealing with my health issues and the high levels of stress from increased responsibility at work, I often felt out of balance and exhausted. I found myself snapping at my family, even though they were supportive through a total of six surgeries and countless medical visits.

One day, while driving home from work my abdominal pain had become so intense and exasperating, I prayed to God, asking for my pain to be taken away. I had tried what I knew to be all my options and I realized I needed to reclaim my health. My desire to heal and eliminate my pain was the catalyst to explore many complementary medicine modalities. I was able to make great improvements from several different types of holistic practitioners but Reiki was different. After having my first Reiki treatment, I knew immediately I needed to learn Reiki and share this amazing therapy with others.

It has been a long journey and I now understand that healing occurs on multiple levels. When we restore peace and harmony to our body, mind, spirit, or to a situation, we open a pathway so healing can occur. This harmony is what I hope to bring others, something that I wish I had so many years ago.


Judy Buchanan is co-owner, Certified Medical Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher at Frederick Natural Health Center in Frederick, Maryland. To learn more about Judy’s training and experience click here.